About Us

Your trophy, your story
Without compromise

Taxidermy America is centrally located in Pinehurst, Houston, Texas.

As a business, we understand your investment in your valued trophies. As Hunters, we know that each trophy tells a story. For these reasons Taxidermy America is equipped to offer you beautiful Taxidermy craftsmanship and a service that will keep you informed throughout the process and your trophy well cared for.

The team of artists have been trained both in North America and in South Africa to ensure that your artistry is both anatomically correct and aesthetically beautiful. Our artists are all hunters who have experienced the thrill of a perfect hunt as well as the hardship of an opportunity missed. The standard of craftsmanship creates trophies that will give our valued clients a memento to bring their hunting experiences back to life.

Taxidermy America is a Taxidermy art studio that adheres to strict business principles and ethics.


Our Principles and Ethics.


We are always thoughtful of our customers’ needs and personal experiences.


Every account is managed thoroughly and precisely


We are always thankful for our valued clients support and for sharing in their amazing adventures.

Mission Statement

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    The anticipation and build up to your next hunt, the research, the planning, the saving up for that one exceptional experience. The final chase to harvest that perfect animal, the experience and the emotions that all come together in that one perfect trophy are irreplaceable.

  • Your Story. Your Trophy. Without Compromise

    Every client is unique. Every trophy is unique. Every hunt is unique. Our taxidermy tells the story of an incredible experience that has come together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Client-Centered Service

    Taxidermy America is a client-centred Taxidermy studio, based in Houston, Texas.

  • Streamlined Taxidermy Process

    As a business, Taxidermy America is run meticulously, based upon strict service principles. Every client receives incredible value for money and a beautiful piece of artistry that will bring back every moment of the hunt in vivid beauty.

  • Passionate

    We are passionate about the art of Taxidermy and passionate about your story.

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