Collection & Shipping

Craft Warranty
Global taxidermy, global warranty

Shipping Your Skins

Getting your skins to our facility:

  • All skins can be sent directly to tannery for processing.
  • Dry salted skins can be boxed and shipped to:

Att: Chris Iveson – Taxidermy America
Houston Fur Dressing
18535 Imperial Valley Drive
Houston, TX 77073
Contact: +1 844 525 8386

Please include the following information with the skins:

  • Hunter's Name 
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address 
  • Hunting License or Number

For Frozen skins:

Please notify Taxidermy America of incoming shipments. Shipments should be sent via next day delivery Monday through Wednesday to ensure receipt of skins before the weekend.

Hunting Abroad

Any trophies hunted abroad must be sent through a clearing agent of your choice in care of Taxidermy America. 

Please ensure Taxidermy America is aware of the incoming shipment that we can liaise with your clearing agent.

Taxidermy America's contact details are listed below.

Shipping Side

The 5 Step Process

  • Global Craft Warranty

    As the first global taxidermy management company, we are able to offer our clients a Global Warranty policy that ensures that your Taxidermy craftsmanship is guaranteed.

  • No Empty Promises

    Every project undertaken by Taxidermy America is an investment made by the hunter. It is our duty to deliver what we promise and always ensure that the expectations of our clients are managed and met.

  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Having first hand experience with the subjects we work with has allowed the taxidermists at Taxidermy America to create lifelike and anatomically accurate taxidermy for our clients from across the globe.

  • Single Point of Contact

    In an effort to simplify the hunter's Taxidermy experience, no matter where you hunt in the world, Taxidermy America logistical team will manage every step of your trophy’s raw preparation.

  • Payment Plan Options

    As hunters we understand the investment placed into quality Taxidermy. In order to keep your Taxidermy experience as affordable as possible, we have introduced several payments plans.

Please Contact Us

Taxidermy America

31818 Industrial Park Drive, Pinehurst, Texas 77362, USA

Office: +1 832 698 9801